I don’t see any prices. How much do your cake cost?

Since all of our cakes are custom-made to individual specifications, no catalog price is available. Our Web Site is designed to give an introduction to our style and services. Additionaly, we are consistently updating our Instagram page and there you will find pictures of a wide selection of our cakes.

It’ s impossible to offer a hard-and-fast price list, since each cake incorporates so many variables.  We take into accounting the number of servings, the complexity of diverse design elements, and particulars important to the celebrants. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a large one, and therefore, it will be priced higher per slice (the basis for pricing used by most bakers).

Our minimum order is $450. Pricing for Wedding cakes begins at $9 per person. Novelty and Sculpted cakes usually start at $900.

When should I book my cake?

Most clients book our service 4 months to a year before event date.

Cake tasting?

We provide cake tasting 4 times a year. For further information please contact us. 

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